Designed for challenging roads, PRS-Neoweb™ geocells are a new standard in road base reinforcement and ground improvement. Created from Neoloy®, a nano-polymeric alloy, PRS-Neoweb is the only geocell designed for heavy-duty road pavements, such as highways, railways, ports and working platforms.

The creep-resistant, stiff and high modulus PRS-Neoweb reinforces pavement bases and/or subgrades while increasing the modulus of infill. This enables the use of lower grade infill in the structural pavement and reduces the layer thickness to save road base construction costs. PRS-Neoweb geocells also extend the lifespan of the road pavement, thereby reducing maintenance and lifecycle costs.

With a multitude of engineering, environmental and economic advantages, Neoloy-based PRS-Neoweb soil stabilization solutions offer a win-win situation for engineers, planners and contractors in every road construction project.



  • Confinement increases layer strength (modulus)
  • Reinforcement reduces layer thickness and wearing course
  • Beam effect improves load transfer and bearing capacity
  • Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF) allows more traffic and for longer time
  • More reinforcement than any geogrid


  • Lower construction, infill costs
  • Improve pavement lifespan
  • Reduce repairs, maintenance cycles and downtime


  • Use locally available, ungraded or recycled materials for infill
  • Reduce quarrying, hauling, fuel, pollution, carbon footprint
  • Green sustainable construction method
  • Provides very high stiffness, dimensional stability, creep resistance
  • Long-term performance under heavy dynamic loading
  • Outperforms any other HDPE geocell

Additional Road Solutions

  • Unpaved roads – Neoloy based geocells provide strong and durable roads for the heaviest loads in the most remote and difficult environments – for oil and gas production, mining, logging, military, etc.
  • Paved Roads – Use PRS-Neoweb base reinforcement in highway engineering to save aggregate costs and increase asphalt pavement lifespan.
  • Ports and platforms – heavy duty and long-term geocell reinforced pavements for inter-modal ports and container yards.
  • Airports – ground improvement and structural reinforcement of heavy airport pavements with Neoloy based geocells constructed on very soft-soils.
  • Railways – proven Neoloy geocell solutions for track over soft soils that reinforce the substructure and reduce track maintenance.