When natural disasters hit, the local roads, airports and ports are critical conduits for the delivery of aid, supplies and reconstruction. PRS-Neoweb™ is an ideal solution to quickly create and/or restore critical and/or temporary infrastructure. PRS-Neoweb offers simple logistics and the ability to use local materials for construction.

PRS-Neoweb can be used to repair existing or construct temporary roads, landing strips, port platforms and earth retention or flood-protection walls in areas faced with nural disasters.  Folded for easy logistics, PRS-Neoweb can be easily installed by local work crews and infilled with any local granular soil. Critical infrastructure can be constructed within a short time so that aid, personnel and equipment can reach the stricken regions and begin reconstruction.

PRS-Neoweb is resistant to seismic activity, hydraulic and erosional forces.


  • Rapid creation or repair of emergency airstrips for airlifts
  • Quickly restore roads and embankments for relief convoys and construction vehicles
  • Heavy duty working platforms to stabilize damaged port platforms and container yards
  • Stabilize and reinforce retention walls for unstable or failed slopes
  • Flood retention walls for damaged reservoirs, dams or levees
  • Rapid wall protection structures around relief organization compounds