Forest & Logging Roads

The Challenge Efficient access roads to and from logging sites is crucial for efficient tree harvesting. These sites are likely to...(Read More)

logging yard (sawmill canada)

Log Yard Stabilization

The Challenge in Constructing Log Yards Log yards at sawmills may have the heaviest loading operations in the worst soil condition...(Read More)


Airport Stormwater Management

The Challenge Large paved areas in airports require best management practices for drainage systems and stormwater management to mi...(Read More)

Military Cargo Plane

Solutions for Military Air Bases & Airfields

The Challenge Military air bases and airfields need tough, durable pavements and buildings that are reliable, resilient and repair...(Read More)


Stabilize Airport Runway Shoulders

The Challenge Shoulders provide a critical transition and safety zone on the edges of runways and other airport pavements. The str...(Read More)

UNOPS unpaved airfield Sudan

Stabilize Unpaved Airfield and Airstrip Runways

The Challenge Unpaved airstrips, which include runways, taxiways, drainage ditches and access roads, need to provide reliable serv...(Read More)

Mexico City Airport Pavement Stabilization

Stabilize Airport Pavements

The Challenge Airports are typically located beyond city limits often on marginal, swampy and unusable land. Innovative soil stabi...(Read More)

Suncor Haul Road Canada-2 geocell

Access Roads for Oil & Gas Exploration

The Challenge Exploration for upstream crude oil and natural gas often takes place in the most challenging environs – deserts, arc...(Read More)

geocell Oil and Gas 1

Neoloy Tough-Cell Solutions for Energy & Utilities

Access Roads for Oil & Gas Exploration  New energy sources are often found at nature’s extremes – and that’s what ...(Read More)


Railway Earth Stabilization

Neoloy Tough-Cells give engineers a single soil railway track stabilization strategy for an entire railway infrastructure project....(Read More)


Mining Waste Containment

Neoloy Tough-Cells combined with geomembranes create impermeable, non-slip and durable impoundment for mining waste liquids, leach...(Read More)


Pipeline Construction & Reinforcement

The Challenge The first challenge for energy producers and utilities is to construct pipelines in difficult environmental and logi...(Read More)


Stabilize Oil Pads & Drilling Platforms

The Challenge Oil and gas exploration faces multiple challenges. Drilling site well pads are often constructed in remote areas on ...(Read More)

Mexico City Airport Pavement Stabilization

Neoloy Tough-Cells Solutions for Airports

  Stabilize Airport Pavements  Neoloy Tough-Cells improve soil bearing capacity, reinforce pavements and significantly reduc...(Read More)

logging yard (sawmill canada)

Logging & Forestry Road Stabilization

The Challenge of Stabilizing Logging and Forest Roads Forests are typically located in regions with mountainous terrain and soft, ...(Read More)


Neoloy® Tough-Cell Market Sectors

Mining Boosting your productivity and increasing sustainability are key goals for mines. Learn how Neoloy Tough-Cell road reinfor...(Read More)

Stormwater Management - Bioswale (Czech)

Stormwater Management Solutions

The Stormwater Management Challenge Neoloy Tough-Cells are a sustainable drainage system (SUDS) or water management technique for ...(Read More)

Railway Track

Reinforcement of Railway Track Construction

The Railway Construction Challenge Track maintenance, necessary for safe and efficient railway operations, is highly sensitive to ...(Read More)


Neoloy Tough-Cell Solutions for Mining

Haul Roads Haul roads are the key to mining operations and productivity. Neoloy Tough-Cell heavy-duty road reinforcement ensures ...(Read More)


Military Road Stabilization & Reinforcement

Challenges of Military Pavements Military roads are specialized routes built for troop movement, logistics, and tactical advantage...(Read More)


Green Roads, Shoulders and Lots

Neoloy Tough-Cells solutions are suitable for Low Impact Development (LID) to replace hard pavements with soft turf surfaces, in r...(Read More)


Low Impact Development

Today’s guidelines mandate stormwater management strategies based on Low Impact Development (LID). LID seeks to mitigate the...(Read More)


Mining with PRS Neoloy Tough-Cells

Where there are brownfields, mines and other abandoned sites in need of mitigation and rehabilitation, there should be Neoloy Toug...(Read More)

geocell Oil and Gas 2

Access for Power Companies and Utilities

The Challenge Electric, gas and water utilities need reliable access roads through soft soils to install equipment and service roa...(Read More)


Fly Ash Waste Management

The Challenge Coal-fired power stations produce enormous amounts of fly ash (also known as coal waste) as a by-product. As a poten...(Read More)

geocell Oil and Gas 4

Access for Wind & Solar Farms

The Challenge Wind farms and solar energy plants provide a unique challenge when located in remote terrain with soft, sand or peat...(Read More)


Railway Embankments Stabilization

Challenge of Railway Embankments The construction of embankments for railways over poor subgrade is a frequent problem. Stability ...(Read More)


Ballast Confinement

Unconfined ballast subject to heavy and frequent loading (particularly over soft subgrade) disperses laterally, resulting in settl...(Read More)


Subballast Reinforcement

The long-term performance of the substructure under the ballast layer is critical as it is not subject to regular maintenance. Neo...(Read More)


PRS Neoloy Tough-Cell for Tree Protection

The protection of trees is a key to green pavement sites, as vehicles may traverse directly over the trees’ root systems. While da...(Read More)


Restore Infrastructure after Natural Disasters

When natural disasters hit – earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc. – the local roads, airports and ports are critical ...(Read More)

geotechnical engineering

Sustainability Overview (Green Roads)

Do MORE with LESS – Neoloy Tough-Cells are an ideal sustainable road construction technique, offering high engineering value at lo...(Read More)

Runway Construction

Airport Pavement Reinforcement – Runway Construction

As new airport and runway construction expands worldwide, these sites are often located on marginal or swamp land. Subgrade stabil...(Read More)


Sustainable Transportation & Infrastructure

Developing sustainable transportation infrastructure faces challenges of budgets, ground conditions and durability. That’s where N...(Read More)


Green Construction

Neoloy Tough-Cells are an example of a green building technique that promotes sustainable design of hard and soft spaces, such as ...(Read More)


Landscape Architecture

Neoloy solutions exemplify Green Building practices for sustainable design and construction in both load support and slope and cha...(Read More)


Rural Development

Sustainable development in developing countries takes on important social and economic ramifications, since the lack of rural tran...(Read More)

3D confinement RAP Pavement Colombia

Recycled Materials

A typical two-lane 1.6 km (1 mile) stretch of highway uses roughly 25,000 tons of crushed stone. Although aggregate is one of the ...(Read More)