In addition to ground improvement for access and service roads used to construct and maintain pipelines, PRS-Neoweb® geocells can mitigate multiple threats to pipeline integrity.

PRS-Neoweb can stabilize pipelines on the ground or by earth cover to prevent buckling, differential settlement or movement caused by unstable soil conditions, geological tremors or flash floods. PRS-Neoweb soil reinforcement of mounds, berms and pipe passages provide structurally sound pipeline crossings over rivers, streams and flood channels, and protection from ice floes.

The durability of Neoloy-based PRS-Neoweb has been proven in pipelines in extreme environments from the Siberian arctic to the Kazakhstan deserts. PRS-Neoweb is non-degrading and highly resistant to UV radiation, chemicals and water. PRS-Neoweb cellular confinement systems can also provide physical protection for vehicular crossings over the pipelines as well as from accidental or malicious human activities.


  • PRS-Neoweb flexibility dampens vibrations and ground movement
  • PRS-Neoweb have high dimensional stability under thermal cycling
  • Service range from -40° to +60°C
  • Protect pipelines in locations prone to seismic activity, trafficking, flooding and ice
  • Provides reliable and safe transportation for equipment, vehicles and work crews and vehicles
  • Environmental durable solution in most extreme environs
  • More cost-effective and reliable than alternative solutions
  • Sustainable solution uses local soil for infill
  • Passage for wildlife or vehicular traffic