Improve Pipeline Access, Construction and Integrity

Neoloy Geocell® solutions provide access for pipeline construction in any environs and stabilization to safeguard the delivery of hydrocarbons downstream

The Challenge

The first challenge for energy producers is to construct pipelines in difficult environmental and logistical conditions. The second challenge is to ensure the integrity of the pipelines and their safe operation. Neoloy Geocell soil stabilization solutions help energy producers do both.

The Neoloy Solution

Neoloy Geocell 3D mechanically stabilized soil enables producers to construct and maintain pipelines even in the toughest Canadian conditions. Neoloy stabilized access roads for heavy construction equipment and specialized trailers for the pipe sections makes pipeline construction quicker, more efficient and with the smallest environmental footprint.

Neoloy Geocells also provide stabilization to protect pipeline integrity. The Neoloy Geocells protects pipelines buried in trenches or on the ground surface from erosive forces or scouring on one hand and buckling or ground movement on the other. Neoloy Geocell mechanically stabilized earth also provide structurally-sound pipeline crossings over rivers, streams and flood channels to protect  from seasonal ice floes and floods.

Why Neoloy

The durability of the Neoloy novel polymeric alloy used by Neoloy Geocells has been proven in pipelines in extreme environments from the Siberian arctic to the Kazakhstan deserts. In addition to its high stiffness, creep resistance and tensile strength, Neoloy based Geocells are non-degrading and highly resistant to UV radiation, chemicals and water. Neoloy cellular confinement systems can also provide physical protection for animal or vehicular crossings over the pipelines as well as from accidental or harmful human activities.

Click here for pipeline case study – Gazprom, Siberian arctic, Russia

Click here for pipeline case study – China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Kazakhstan desert


  • Withstands long-term dynamic or static loading without deformation
  • Proven engineering parameters guarantee long-term design life
  • Flexibility dampens vibrations and ground movement for seismic resistance
  • Use locally available borrow pits for structural infill and soil stabilization
  • Reduce or eliminate need to import aggregate for large distances
  • Effective service range from -60° to +60°C
  • Protect pipelines in locations prone to seismic activity, trafficking, flooding and ice
  • Provides reliable and safe transportation for equipment, vehicles and work crews and vehicles
  • Strong environmental durability from temperature, aging, hydrocarbons and water

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