When you need maximum strength and protection for ground forces with minimum logistics and road construction you need PRS-Neoweb™. PRS-Neoweb is the best available ground improvement solution to construct military roads. It reduces the logistic burden of military road building by using locally available soil – even sand – to reinforce the road base and reduce the road layer thickness. Sustainable and secure routes are also important for civilian reconstruction.

In addition PRS-Neoweb can impede tampering of the road surface by hostile forces, thwarting IEDs (improvised explosive device) and protecting lives! Safe patrol routes enable troops to establish control and security.

As proof of PRS-Neoweb’s value to armed forces, PRS was chosen by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) as its preferred supplier of geocells to construct cost-efficient, reliable roads in challenging environments. PRS-Neoweb performance in combat was demonstrated in Afghanistan in the Trident Route constructed by British Army Engineers. Built under fire and utilizing locally-won sandy soil for infill, the road exceeded all expectations by providing a secure route for patrols while helping to rebuild infrastructure for the civilian population.

In addition to ground improvement for roads for armored vehicles, PRS-Neoweb retention walls with earth infill can be used as a fortified wall and barrier system for troops, military road encampments and senstive miitary or civilian facilities.


  • Neoloy – stiffer, stronger and more durable than other geocell material
  • Toughness – maximum reinforcement with a minimum of logistics
  • Structural Strength – reduce layer thickness while improving layer modulus
  • Simple Logistics – folded sections easily transported, unfolded and installed by troops or civilians.
  • Fast Deployment – simple,  fast,  all- weather / all -terrain installation
  • Local Soils – reinforce available soil for high bearing capacity
  • Any Environment – deploy in peat, sand, clay soils
  • Any Climate – guaranteed performance from -40° to +60°C
  • Sustainable – increased road life span reduces long-term maintenance
  • Secure Roads – for troops, convoys and civilians.
  • Force Protection Walls – protective berms for military installations, storage yards & staging areas
  • Durable – withstands trafficking by heavy and tracked armored vehicles
  • Save Lives – honeycombed structure and mattress prevents placement of IEDs

Rapid Force Wall Protection Systems

PRS-Neoweb retention walls with earth infill can be used as a fortified wall and barrier system for bases, ammunition dumps and sensitive military or civilian facilities. Wall construction with PRS-Neoweb construction requires less time, effort and maintenance than conventional construction materials, at the same level or better protection than alternative methods.

PRS-Neoweb is robust and packaged for transport and delivery in the field. Folded sections make logistics and transport easy to remote sites. PRS-Neoweb can be easily laid out manually by troops and in-filled by a tractor or loader with local soil. Strong and stable fortifications of all types can be quickly constructed with PRS-Neoweb for blast and fragmentation protection and barriers to protect troops, bases, and assets.