Reinforce Buried Pipelines & Conduits

Protect underground utility pipelines with Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforcement in urban infrastructure to reduce construction costs and maintenance

The Challenge

Utility pipelines and conduits – for gas, electricity, water, sewage, communications – form a complex underground network in urban areas. Construction and maintenance is a challenge, as the underground infrastructure must be reliable and resilient with a long design life. Buried under city pavements at shallow depths, these may suffer deformation and damage from repeated vehicular traffic. Repairs are expensive, disruptive and potential public health and safety risks.

The Neoloy Solution

Neoloy Tough-Cells provides a reinforced layer to protect pipelines and underground utilities. The Neoloy Tough-Cell often combined with a geogrid creates a semi-rigid mattress above the pipelines that reduces vertical stress. This limits deformation of the pipes and potential damage to the pipelines. The reduced pressure also allows them to be placed at shallow depths. Less excavation leads to lower construction costs, while long term protection leads to further savings in repair and maintenance costs. Street repairs may be done without disturbing existing buried infrastructure.

In the countryside, savings for buried pipelines covering tens or hundreds of km, can be huge. Neoloy Tough-Cell reinforcement of above-ground pipelines in difficult terrain or river crossings protects pipelines from erosive forces on one hand and ground movement on the other. Protection is also provided from accidental (or intentional harm) from vehicles or human activities.

Why Neoloy

The key to the Neoloy Tough-Cell solution is the long-term durability of the Neoloy novel polymeric alloy. Made for the demands and design life of today’s infrastructure, Neoloy based Tough-Cells have the highest guaranteed stiffness, resistance to permanent deformation and tensile strength of any geocell. The Neoloy Tough-Cell pipeline protection solution is proven in the field in upstream oil & gas pipeline projects and in urban infrastructure projects, as well as in research studies on pipeline protection.

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  • Reinforced layer acts as a slab protecting pipes
  • Reduce stress from dynamic or static loading
  • Long-term design life and performance
  • Reduce excavation – enable shallow placement of pipelines and conduits
  • Prevent pipeline deformation, damage
  • Lower pipeline construction and maintenance costs
  • Reduce risk of damage, leaks, environmental pollution
  • Lowers impact on urban fabric: traffic, safety, businesses

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