Mexico City Airport Pavement Stabilization

Stabilize Airport Pavements

Energy companies worldwide have used Neoloy Geocell solutions to enable heavy equipment to traverse challenging terrain, set up drilling and... (Read more)

UNOPS unpaved airfield Sudan

Stabilize Unpaved Airfield and Airstrip Runways

Neoloy Geocell 3D mechanical stabilization creates a strong reinforced base for reliable airstrip pavements and cost-effective airfield... (Read more)


Airport Stormwater Management

Neoloy Geocells enable cost-effective drainage and containment solutions for airports to dispose of stormwater runoff safely and... (Read more)

Military Cargo Plane

Solutions for Military Air Bases & Airfields

Neoloy Geocells offer multiple solutions for Air Force bases and military airfields to: strengthen runway pavements, protect hangars and rapid... (Read more)


Stabilize Airport Runway Shoulders

Neoloy Geocell stabilization makes runway and taxiway shoulders safe for heavy aircraft if they veer off the pavement while taxing,... (Read more)

Runway Construction

Airport Pavement Reinforcement – Runway Construction

As new airport and runway construction expands worldwide, these sites are often located on marginal or swamp land. Subgrade stabilization,... (Read more)