Neoloy® Tough-Cells Help Restore Mine Sites to a Natural State

Neoloy stabilizes earth, prevents erosion, allows drainage, enables root-soil interlock, protects plantings and makes landscape rehabilitation effective

If your mine or abandoned sites need mitigation and rehabilitation, the Neoloy Tough-Cell solution helps you restore natural landscapes by stabilizing re-engineered slopes, protecting containment liners and facilitating revegetation.

The Neoloy Tough-Cell slope protection solutions are installed on eroded slopes, waste stacks or non-permeable membranes. The geocells confine soil, stabilize the slope and prevent erosion. Infilled with topsoil, the Neoloy Tough-Cells are ideal for plants. They mechanically protect plants from runoff, enable drainage, encourage plant growth and root-soil interlock and facilitate the restoration of a natural landscape.

See an example of mine waste stacks rehabilitated to a recreational park in Poland here and rehabilitation of a mine site to an ecotourism visitors center in Mexico here.

Neoloy Tough-Cells are impervious to chemicals, corrosion, acidity and extreme temperatures. When integrated with geomembranes, Neoloy also creates impermeable, non-slip and durable impoundment for mining waste containment and treatment.


Neoloy Tough-Cell surface infill options for site rehabilitation:

  • concrete for liquid control
  • gravel for leachate treatment processes
  • topsoil for landscape restoration
  • Frictional resistance reduce sliding from hydrodynamic and gravitational forces
  • Cell walls provide mechanical protection against run-off and rill development
  • Confinement preserves integrity of soil structure to minimize impact of rain
  • Cell Perforations facilitates drainage and plant-root interlock
  • Protect embankments and restored slopes – often at a steep angle of repose to save land and costs.
  • Hold slope cover materials in place
  • Stabilize unstable and steep slopes
  • Cost effective –reduces the quantities of surface cover required (topsoil, gravel or concrete)
  • Long lifespan – maximizes project lifecycle costs
  • Site ecology – enables flow of water, nutrients and soil organisms
  • Landscape – enhance plant growth, soil health and visual landscape

Slope Protection

To reinforce steep slopes of surface mines and dry waste stacks, Neoloy Tough-Cells confine, reinforce and restrain soil and stone infill, which prevents downslope movement from hydrodynamic and gravitational forces. The Neoloy solution:

  • prevents erosion
  • increases slope safety
  • provides a confined soil structure conducive to plant revegetation

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Geomembrane Protection

Neoloy Tough-Cells protect geoliners and containment membranes while stabilizing slopes and berms of reservoirs and landfills. It holds infill material in place and prevents mass movements by providing tensile reinforcement. The Neoloy Tough-Cell solution:

  • functions as concrete forms – pouring is fast, controlled and uniform
  • tolerates earth movement and prevents cracking
  • is cost-effective reducing logistics, materials, and labor

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Earth Retention

To stabilize surface cuts or prevent erosion in water channel diversions in mining, Neoloy Tough-Cell retaining walls maintain structural stability, even in wet, compressible and unstable subgrades and offer the following advantages:

  • increase frictional interaction
  • improve drainage
  • reduce hydrostatic forces
  • enable vegetative growth and green wall face

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