Improve Productivity & Profitability with Durable All-Weather Operation Yards

Improve log yard and saw mill operational efficiency using Neoloy® Geocell soil stabilization for strong, reinforced and reliable working platforms year round.

The Challenge

Lumber and log yard operations involve intense handling of very heavy loads often in relatively small areas. Inevitably, this causes severe rutting and degradation to the yard surfaces and impairs operations. Maintaining full log yard capacity in these conditions requires frequent maintenance and wasted downtime.

The Neoloy Solution

Neoloy Geocell stabilization is a sustainable solution proven to improve log yard operations and profitability. Neoloy 3D mechanical confinement stabilizes soft soil and increases the bearing capacity of soil and the strength of the pavement materials. As a result, Neoloy enables even soft soil to withstand the consistent heavy weight of traffic common to log yards and the heavy loads which they transport without surface degradation.

Neoloy Geocells are also the ideal all-weather soil stabilization solution, enabling operations in extreme heat or cold (including freeze-thaw cycles) and as well as in rainy conditions and fully saturated soils.

Why Neoloy?

The semi-rigid ‘beam effect’ of Neoloy Geocells distributes loads laterally to reduce vertical loading. This ensures that Neoloy-stabilized surfaces can better withstand heavy-duty log-handling vehicles than other solutions. And the Neoloy Geocells are much more effective and reliable than chemical stabilizers, which may also has a higher environmental impact. Neoloy Geocells have been tested and proven to be an effective method to resist rutting under heavy loading on any soil type – due to their high stiffness, strength and resistance to permanent deformation.

Neoloy is also extremely cost-effective, allowing a reduction in road thickness by up to 50%. Because it reinforces locally available but marginal granular infill, Neoloy reduces hauling and costs.

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  • Create a semi-rigid “mattress” to better distribute heavy loads
  • 3D mechanical stabilization increases stiffness, strength and bearing capacity
  • Higher modulus improvement factor than any other geosynthetic
  • Improve log yard operations and profitability
  • Reduce required pavement thickness, saving construction costs
  • Significantly extend pavement lifespan, reducing cost of maintenance and replacement
  • Cut transportation of materials, reducing carbon footprint
  • Enable logging facilities to operate more efficiently, saving electricity, gas and water
  • Prolonged life-cycle, reducing use of material and energy for repairs

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