geocell Oil and Gas 1

Neoloy® Geocell Solutions for Energy & Utilities

  Access Roads for Oil & Gas Exploration  New energy sources are often found at nature’s extremes – and that’...(Read More)


Mining Waste Containment

Neoloy Geocells combined with geomembranes create impermeable, non-slip and durable impoundment for mining waste liquids, leachate...(Read More)

Mexico City Airport Pavement Stabilization

Neoloy® Geocell Solutions for Airports

  Stabilize Airport Pavements  Neoloy Geocells improve soil bearing capacity, reinforce pavements and significantly reduce m...(Read More)


Neoloy® Geocell Market Sectors

Mining Boosting your productivity and increasing sustainability are key goals for mines. Learn how Neoloy Geocell road reinforcem...(Read More)


Low Impact Development

Today’s guidelines mandate stormwater management strategies based on Low Impact Development (LID). LID seeks to mitigate the...(Read More)


PRS Neoloy Geocell for Tree Protection

The protection of trees is a key to green pavement sites, as vehicles may traverse directly over the trees’ root systems. While da...(Read More)