3D cellular confinement system

A 3D cellular confinement system, such as PRS-Neoweb™ is a honeycomb geocell structure created by the 3D interaction of soil, cell walls and geometry.  Geocell cellular confinement system maintains soil compaction, thereby increasing the structural strength of the infill and pavement layer.

The key geocell reinforcement mechanisms are lateral and vertical cellular confinement, beam effect and improved load distribution. When the confined soil within a geocell is subjected to loading, it causes lateral stresses on the cell walls. The 3D zone of cellular confinement reduces the lateral movement of soil particles while vertical loading on the contained infill results in high lateral stress and resistance on the cell-soil interface.

The  high-strength geocell mattress created by PRS-Neoweb (Neoloy based geocells), acts as a flexible beam, which reduces stress and settlement. In addition cellular confinement increases the elastic modulus values of granular infill materials, particularly inferior fill, such as fine granular soils and recycled materials.

These mechanisms highlight the importance of geocell stiffness – a key difference between PRS-Neoweb and other geocells.


  • Lateral confinement – of infill materials prevents movement and shearing of infill under loading.
  • Infill stiffness – transfers vertical forces to hoop stresses and by passive resistance.
  • Vertical confinement – due to frictional resistance between infill, cell walls & base acting as mattress
  • Distribution – of lateral and vertical stresses is maximized
  • Aggregate – movement and attrition are minimize
  • Excellent hoop strength and stiffness – prevents deformation and increases durability
  • 3D zone of influence – to maximize the reinforcement mechanism
  • High creep resistance – enables reliable long-term performance
  • Better load transfer – by reducing applied load settlements
  • Reduced aggregate attrition – from traffic vibrations
  • Subbase spreads applied traffic loads – thereby reducing vertical stresses on subgrade
  • Lower vertical stresses – increase subgrade strength and reduce thickness of structural layers
  • Lower construction costs – initial savings
  • Increase pavement lifespan –lifecycle saving

PRS-Neoweb (Neoloy baseed geocells) Cellular Confinement System Applications