Geocell Bearing Capacity Improvement in Road Construction

Studies by Meyer and Emersleben evaluated how the geocell reinforcement mechanisms work, and describe the improved geotechnical engineering forces provided by the soil-cell composite structure. Results from full- scale field testing validated the results achieved in plate box test testing. Neoloy Geocells increased load bearing capacity by 5x, reduced differential settlement by up to 80% and decreased vertical stresses by more than 40%; in addition the performance of a 40 cm Neoloy Geocell reinforced base layer equaled a 70 cm unreinforced layer with high quality aggregate.


Bearing Capacity Improvement of Asphalt Paved Road With Geocells (Emersleben, Mayer 2008)

Vehicle crossing tests (vertical stress measurements) and FWD measurements of comparative soil stabilization techniques in Road K-637 demonstrated that Neoloy... (Read more)


Use of Neoloy Geocells in Road Construction over Soft Soil (Emersleben, Meyer 2008)

Field and lab tests showed that Neoloy Geocell increases load bearing capacity of infill soil x 3, while vertical stresses... (Read more)


Bearing Capacity Improvement of Gravel Base Layers Using Neoloy (Emersleben, Meyer 2008)

Results from lab plate box test and in-situ asphalt pavements (Road K-23) show that Neoloy Geocells decreased vertical stresses by... (Read more)


Hoop Stresses and Earth Resistance Influence Geocell Reinforcement (Emersleben, Meyer 2009)

Evaluation of geocell reinforcement mechanisms demonstrates that the stiffness of the geocell material is the most important confinement parameter, and... (Read more)