Quality road pavements depend upon a stable base – that’s what PRS-Neoweb™ geocells do. PRS-Neoweb offer more cost-effective reinforcement for structural pavements than any other soil stabilization strategy.

PRS-Neoweb cellular confinement was designed for highway engineering. The Neoloy® novel polymeric alloy used in PRS-Neoweb provides long term stiffness and dimensional stability required for asphalt pavement. PRS-Neoweb reinforcement increases the modulus of each structural layer, even with a high CBR.

PRS-Neoweb enables the replacement of high quality (expensive) aggregate infill in the base layer with locally available, lower cost (subbase) soils or recycled materials or recycled asphalt. The PRS-Neoweb Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF) enables a reduction in the pavement thickness and/or a significant increase in road design life.

The Neoloy novel polymeric alloy extends the design life of PRS-Neoweb well beyond conventional geocell technology and provides a clear value proposition for paved roads compared to any other geocells, geogrids or other reinforcement geosynthetics.


  • Lower capital costs – lower aggregate costs, reduced pavement structure, less haul and earthwork
  • Lower maintenance costs – decreases pavement degradation, repairs, rehabilitation cycles
  • Total Cost of Ownership (life-cycle costs) – extended service life of asphalt pavement provides a fast ROI
  • Continuous semi–rigid beam effect
  • High load transfer – reduces vertical stresses
  • Reduce differential settlement
  • Increases layer modulus (strength) / CBR
  • Increases pavement lifespan
  • Asphalt road construction Improve modulus of each pavement layer
  • Reduce asphalt, base/subbase base layer thickness
  • Enables use of lower quality/local granular infill in base layer
  • Easy and fast all-weather installation by work crews (trained onsite)
  • Reduces equipment manpower and construction time
  • Reduce infill requirements decrease  quarrying, hauling, fuel and carbon pollution

Add Stiffness and Strength to Any Layer

PRS-Neoweb confinement stiffens the pavement structural infill material. This is due to the creation of a beam effect as well as apparent cohesion.

  • Beam Effect – Vertical loading on the PRS-Neoweb confined cells creates a 3D semi-rigid slab or “beam effect” over soft soils with high flexural strength and stiffness. This beam distributes the load effectively over a wide area, decreasing differential settlement (up to 80%),
  • Apparent Cohesion – The 3D PRS-Neoweb structure confines the infill soil, limiting lateral deformation. Lateral expansion of the infill is restricted by high hoop strength. The applied pressure activates hoop forces, which confine the infill and increases its strength. This increased strength of the soil is often expressed by an apparent cohesion, which shows a higher stiffness as compared to other solutions.