Cost-Effective Asphalt Road Construction with Neoloy® Tough-Cells

Neoloy Tough-Cell confinement stiffens the asphalt road’s pavement structural infill material for long-term reliable performance

Quality asphalt road pavements depend upon a stable base – that’s what Neoloy Tough-Cells do. Neoloy offers more cost-effective reinforcement for structural pavements than any other soil reinforcement or stabilization strategy.

The Neoloy cellular confinement system was designed for highway engineering. Neoloy Tough-Cells provide long-term stiffness and dimensional stability required for asphalt pavements. Neoloy road reinforcement increases the modulus of each structural layer, even with a high CBR.

Neoloy Tough-Cells enable the replacement of high quality (expensive) aggregate infill in the base layer with locally available, lower cost (subbase) soils or recycled materials or recycled asphalt. The Neoloy Tough-Cell Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF) enables a reduction in the pavement thickness and/or a significant increase in road design life.

The Neoloy novel polymeric alloy extends the design life of Neoloy Tough-Cells well beyond conventional geocell technology and provides a clear value proposition for paved roads compared to any other geocells, geogrids or other reinforcement geosynthetics.


  • Lower capital costs – lower aggregate costs, reduced pavement structure, less haul and earthwork
  • Lower maintenance costs – decreases pavement degradation, repairs, rehabilitation cycles
  • Total Cost of Ownership (life-cycle costs) – extended service life of asphalt pavement provides a fast ROI
  • Continuous semi–rigid beam effect
  • High load transfer – reduces vertical stresses
  • Reduce differential settlement
  • Increases layer modulus (strength) / CBR
  • Increases pavement lifespan
  • Asphalt road construction Improve modulus of each pavement layer
  • Reduce asphalt, base/subbase base layer thickness
  • Enables use of lower quality/local granular infill in base layer
  • Easy and fast all-weather installation by work crews (trained onsite)
  • Reduces equipment manpower and construction time
  • Reduce infill requirements decrease  quarrying, hauling, fuel and carbon pollution

Add Stiffness and Strength to Any Layer of Asphalt Road Construction

Neoloy Tough-Cell confinement used in asphalt road construction stiffens the pavement structural infill material, due to the creation of a beam effect as well as apparent cohesion. This provide the following benefits:

  • Increase Lifespan – Neoloy increases the design life of asphalt pavement by several factors – due to its low creep and high stiffness.
  • Reduce Layer Thickness – Neoloy also improves the modulus improvement factor for each layer, thereby enabling a reduction in pavement thickness while decreasing highway maintenance.
  • Prevent Fatigue – the stiff Neoloy Tough-Cell mechanically reinforces the base layer of asphalt pavements by spreading loads laterally and reducing vertical deformation; the result is less fatigue and cracks in the asphalt.
  • Reduce Costs – utilize locally available marginal soil and/or recycled materials for structural infill – instead of importing high quality aggregate – to create more sustainable highways as well.

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