Tough-Cells were invented by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the 1970’s. Called “sand-grids” they were used to improve soft subgrades to build temporary roads for heavy military vehicles. Subsequent civilian use of geocells began in the 1980’s, such as the HDPE based Geoweb® geocell from Presto Geosystems®. However, unlike their original use, geocells in the civilian market tended to be used for soil erosion control. HDPE geocells were only used in ground improvement for temporary or low volume roads due to concerns about progressive deformation and loss of strength over time.

PRS began its own path manufacturing its own brand of geocells after 2004. At the same time PRS embarked on an intensive research program into cellular confinement technology in order to develop geocells suitable for use in modern highway construction. This required a geocell with the flexibility of HDPE but with the low creep and high-modulus of engineering thermoplastics.

The end result was the creation of a completely new generation of geocells based a Novel Polymeric Alloy called Neoloy®. Neoloy is created in multiple layers featuring dual strips around a high strength inner core layer for optimal performance. Tough-Cells from Neoloy are specifically engineered for structural reinforcement in demanding applications such as the highway engineering, high retaining walls and heavy-duty roads, railways and ports.


  • PRS goal was to become the leader of geocell technology and geocell market
  • Proven geocell geometry + novel polymer material = new level of engineering performance
  • PRS knowledge base – for geocells, materials performance, standards, design
  • Patented materials, performance, manufacturing, technology
  • Extends use of geocells from traditional erosion control to long-term transportation engineering or erosion sediment control
  • Designed to withstand millions of dynamic cycles of heavy traffic and heavy loads of highways and railways
  • Extensive research and testing confirms performance
  • PRS solutions are examples of sustainable construction method
  • Neoloy Tough-Cells saves aggregate, reduces hauling and construction, and lowers pollution
  • Neoloy Tough-Cells durability extends project design life
  • Reduces capital costs and long-term maintenance costs

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