PRS-Neoweb™ provides a strong, fast to construct, green retaining wall structure for very steep and tall unstable slopes with a very small footprint.

The 3D PRS-Neoweb geocells confine soil which retains lateral earth pressure created by the backfill soil. The high tensile strength of the Neoloy®-based PRS-Neoweb with horizontal geogrids provides the required engineering strength for very tall heights and unstable slopes. At the same time, PRS-Neoweb retains sufficient flexibility to withstand large deformations without loss of structural integrity.

Construction logistics and schedules are simplified using light-weight PRS-Neoweb sections, particularly when compared to conventional reinforced concrete, gabions or block wall systems. Each wall layer can be laid out without formwork and is structurally stable after infill, thereby reducing labor and equipment costs and saving time.

PRS-Neoweb can utilize local granular soils for infill, while offering a green terraced fascia that integrates with the natural landscape.


  • Neoloy-based PRS-Neoweb offers very long-term stiffness and strength.
  • Highly resistant to seismic activity – meets strictest earthquake building codes
  • PRS-Neoweb compact folded sections simplifies logistics
  • Very fast installation – no formwork, no footer
  • Entire wall acts a unified drainage system with no hydrostatic build-up
  • Cost effective particular when compared to other solutions
  • Low installation cost and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Green wall with vegetated fascia on the outer rows for a soft, green and aesthetic retention solution
  • Use of local granular material for structural infill
  • Perforations and granular infill provide an efficient drainage system
  • High dimensional stability – low creep
  • Effective service range of – from -40°C to +60°C
  • High resistance to photochemical degradation – leaching of additives, oxidation and UV light

Fast Construction

Neoloy folded shapes enable simple logistics and easy, cost-effective construction. PRS-Neoweb retention structures can be constructed much faster than poured concrete solutions since they require no forms or curing. Each layer is structurally sound as laid, enabling access without support, scaffolding or cranes. PRS-Neoweb forms a composite retaining structure that behaves as a monolithic mass, even in soft foundation soils. The fact that PRS-Neoweb retaining walls can utilize local granular soil for infill eliminates the need for imported aggregate.