PRS is the largest geocell manufacturer in the world. We guarantee best service, best quality and cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.

If you need HDPE Soft-Cells for your project, PRS is your best choice, for the following 3 reasons:

1. Best Solution for Your Needs: geocells are not just a plastic 3D honeycomb shape geometry.If not designed and implemented properly it will not support your application as designed, and the entire structure may fail. For the last 20 years, PRS GeoTechnologies gained unique expertise in designing, manufacturing and implementing geocell solutions. As part of the project, PRS team will support all your needs – from design through implementation we guarantee you the best solution at the lowest price.

HDPE Geocells - Malaga Airport, Spain

PRS is the world geocells leader, delivered thousands of successful projects worldwide

2. Fast Delivery:  PRS is the largest geocell manufacturer in the world. We have designed our factory to support a capacity of over 200 containers per month, to assure fast and timely delivery of your project.

HDPE Geocells

PRS is the largest geocell manufacturer in the world

3. Cost-Effective Price:  With our unique geotechnical engineering methodologies, manufacturing capacity and vast projects expertise, we are the only geocell manufacturer that can guarantee you the most cost-effective offer, tailored to your needs.

HDPE Geocells - Slope Protection A

PRS Geotechnical Engineering Methodologies Guarantee the Most Cost-Effective Solution

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