Neoloy® Tough-Cells Category A is the Most Cost-effective Solution for Slope Protection

Neoloy Geocell Category A - Geocell Price Neoloy Tough-Cells Category A is an Ideal Solution for Slopes Protection and Other Short Term Applications

Neoloy Tough-Cell Category-A is for cost-effective long-term slope protection: the 3D mechanical structure prevents soil erosion, enables drainage and vegetation-topsoil interlock improves slope stability. The advantages of cost-effective Category A:

  • Easy installation
  • Highest durability – resistant to water, UV, oxidation
  • Self-draining
  • Enhances landscape 

Neoloy Tough-Cells Category Category A – Sample Case Studies

 Neoloy Geocell Category A - Geocell Price  Neoloy Geocell Category A - Geocell Price
Erosion Control – bio-engineered slopes

Erosion Control – very steep slopes

Transportation – roadside slopes and abutments

Roadside stormwater drainage ditches

Mines – site rehabilitation

Protective berms

NOTE: The optimal Neoloy Tough-Cells Category is determined only after PRS evaluates your project requirements and prepares a geotechnical engineering design.

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Neoloy Tough-Cells Cost-effective Category-A: GeoTechnical Engineering Properties

Download Neoloy Tough-Cells Category-A: GeoTechnical Engineering Specification

Typical GeoTechnical Engineering and Landscape Architecture Design Guidelines

Application & Infill Sample Design Requirment Sample Product Specification

Vegetated-granular infill

Vegetated topsoil infill

Neoloy Geocell Category A - Geocell Price

Low to moderately steep slopes

Concrete channels, roadside drainage systems

Long and moderate slopes









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