Energy extraction industries face huge challenges to ensure that gas and oil flows freely, including their location in the most challenging places – scorching deserts, arctic tundra and mountainous jungles. By utilizing local granular materials for infill, PRS-Neoweb eliminates the need to import aggregate to remote areas. This is a key factor for a cost-effective solution over long-stretches of roads and pipeline and remote drilling rig sites.

Another key factor is durability. PRS-Neoweb™ made of Neoloy novel polymeric alloy provides the longest term design strength and dimensional stability under thermal cycling of any geocell, with an effective service range from -60° to +60°C. PRS-Neoweb reinforced roads and pipelines are more reliable and require less maintenance than alternative solutions.

In projects for Gazprom energy company in the harsh climate of Siberia for example, the longevity of PRS-Neoweb access and service roads along pipeline routes season after season continue to exceed customer expectations.

PRS-Neoweb base reinforcement solution is best suited for unpaved access, service and haul roads andpipelines as well as base stabilization and berms for drilling rigs,base stations and depots in the most difficult soil, slope and logistic conditions.


  • Can handle the heaviest haul vehicles (650+ tons)
  • Durable in temperature extremes
  • Simple logistics facilitates transport to remote regions
  • All weather construction and all weather roads
  • One solution for roads, pipelines, berms, platforms
  • Use local soil for infill instead of importing / hauling aggregate
  • Environmental durability from water, wind, sand, petroleum products