Proven Engineering is Key to Long Term Performance

Based on our extensive research and development program, the PRS engineering division developed geotechnical engineering methods which define the optimal geocell design and specification to each project’s specific requirements in Canada.

PRS is the only geocells provider that will provide you with a free detailed project design tailored to your project needs, including:

  • Evaluation – a detailed analysis of the project conditions, requirements and possible design alternatives.
  • MIF – a design based on Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF) validated by over 55 published articles.
  • Optimized – define the most cost-effective geocell configuration for your project.
  • Long Term Performance – guaranteed for the entire project lifespan (up to 75 years).

geotechnical engineeringSuncor, Canada. 750 ton load trucks pass on a very soft soil in Alberta oil sands. 

Start with a Free Geocell Design Optimized for your Project

Optimize the Right Geocell Spec to your Project

Based on your project requirements, PRS Geotechnical Engineering will provide you with the most cost-effective design. This design will include the following sections:

  • Geocell Geometry – opening cell size (weld distance) and cell height.
  • Geocell Strength – the dynamic mechanical modulus and permanent deformation (creep) required to maintain the geocell geometry at the end of the design life.
  • Application Design – full design tools and drawings for pavements, rails, platforms, retaining walls, slope and channels.
  • Infill Materials – evaluating infill material options, including the use of locally available materials to save time and costs.

geotechnical engineering


Unpaved Roads: Save 70% on Pavement Thickness, Use Local Infill

When using PRS-Neoloy Geocells solution in unpaved roads, you gain the following benefits:


Watch how Access Road was Built within 3 Weeks (instead of 6 months) in Canadian Peat Bogs

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Paved Roads: Reduce Pavement Thickness & Improve Performance

When using PRS-Neoloy Geocell solution in paved roads, you will gain the following benefits:

  • 70% Reduction in Pavement Thicknes– PRS-Neoloy Geocell ground reinforcement enables you to reduce the layer thickness for the subbase, base and asphalt layers, leading to a total reduction of up to 70%. See Highway Construction, Poland, Case Study.
  • Improved asphalt (fatigue) performance – reduce the asphalt layer by 30% with better performance for the duration of the project design life.
  • Use recycled materials/inferior low-cost materials – with PRS solution you can use Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) or other recycled materials for infill. See RAP Pavement, Bogota Case Study.

geotechnical engineeringPRS-Neoloy Geocell Improve Pavement Performance in Highway 6, Israel

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Rails & Ports: Support Heavy Loads on any Soil, Lower maintenance

When using the PRS-Neoloy Geocell solution for rails and ports, you gain the following benefits:

geotechnical engineeringWith PRS-Neoloy Geocells AMTRAK extend maintenance cycle in the order of seven times

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Retaining Walls:  Strong, Green, Fast Earth Stabilization

When using PRS-Neoloy Geocell solution for retaining walls, you gain the following benefits:

  • Global and local slope Stability – stabilize the slope, with a strong, green, fast to erect and cost-effective solution using locally available granular soil.See Retaining Wall, Turkey case study.
  • High Seismic Performance – by absorbing dynamic energy PRS-Neoloy retaining walls maintain 100% performance after foundation movement.
  • Sustainable Solution – use local granular soils for structural infill, while providing a green, vegetated fascia. See Green Retaining Wall, UK Case Study.

geotechnical engineeringGreen Retaining Wall, Turkey – Sustainable, Durable and Fast Solution

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Slope & Channels: Durable Erosion Control

  • Durable Erosion Control – Reliable 3D mechanical slope protection, protecting infill material from sliding. See Erosion Protection Case Study, India.
  • 20-50% Savings in Channels– very fast and cost-effective solution for concrete lined drainage systems and road trenches.
  • 3 Design Options – vegetative cover, gravel or hard-armor.

geotechnical engineering

  Slope Protection, Malta-  Durable and Green Erosion Control

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