Roadway Design

Project Design (Roadway Design)

Neoloy is revolutionizing the use of geocells for engineers and contractors. How? Because the high-strength of Neoloy Geocells is ...(Read More)

geotechnical engineering

PRS Geotechnical Engineering Overview

Proven Engineering is Key to Long Term Performance Based on our extensive research and development program, the PRS engineering di...(Read More)

geotechnical engineering

Sustainability Overview (Green Roads)

Neoloy Geocells are an ideal sustainable road development solution. Neoloy uses local or recycled materials, reduces use of virgin...(Read More)

geotechnical engineering National Highway

Reinforced Pavements

Neoloy is the only geocell to break the subgrade barrier. No longer limited to soft subgrade soils, Neoloy Geocell was designed fo...(Read More)

beam effect

Modulus Improvement Factor – MIF (Highway Engineering Modulus)

Neoloy Geocell confinement increases the resilient modulus of confined granular materials in pavement structures, such as fine gra...(Read More)


Design Checklists

Choose an application, fill up the design request form and get a preliminary engineering design with PRS Neoloy Geocells for your ...(Read More)