Long-term soil stabilization and erosion control for all types of slopes and channels in Canada

Slope Stabilization - Neoloy® Geocells provide soil confinement and soil stabilization for effective slope protection and channel protection.

Whether covered with topsoil and vegetation for natural landscapes or with granular or concrete-armored surfacing if exposed to more severe mechanical and hydraulic pressures, Neoloy Geocells provide soil confinement and soil stabilization for effective slope protection and channel protection in Canada.

Vegetative Cover

soil stabilizationTopsoil and vegetation for erosion control and green landscapes on slopes and shore lines…(Read more)

Granular Cover

soil stabilizationFor strong and permeable slope stability in slopes, channel banks or in landfill surface covers…(Read more)

 Concrete Cover

soil stabilizationHard armor maximizes protection for severe hydraulic conditions in channels and reservoirs….(Read more)

Benefits of Slope Stabilization

  • Geocells – physically protect against run-off, rill and gully formation and erosive forces
  • Frictional resistance – reduces soil sliding & migration
  • Cell perforations – facilitate plant and root interlock to further stabilize soil mass and slope
  • Unique Neoloy polymer technology – high resistance to UV, oxidation, water, extreme temperatures
  • Soil confinement – enhance soil structure and minimizes impact of raindrops
  • Drainage – promote infiltration and limit the impact of hydrostatic forces
  • Cost effective –reduces the quantities of surface cover required (topsoil, gravel or concrete)
  • Long lifespan – maximizes project lifecycle costs
  • Sustainable – enables flow of water, nutrients and soil organisms
  • Landscape – enhance plant growth, soil health and visual landscape

Vegetative Cover – Landscaped Slopes Stabilization in Canada

Neoloy is a 3D mechanical barrier that confines the soil structure for slope stabilization while minimizing the impact of raindrops and surface runoff. The cell walls and perforations provide an excellent growth stratum that enhance plant growth and facilitate root-soil interlock. This  method stabilizes the slope’s mass even more; thus overall Neoloy Geocells provide an innovative, reliable and sustainable slope stabilization solution that is superior compared to any alternative slope stabilization solutions available today

Neoloy Geocells prevent runoff erosion, sedimentation to local water bodies and loss of fines (air-borne dust) to protect the natural environment. It is also a long-term and more effective solution for slope stabilization than erosion control blankets and a more cost-effective, natural and maintenance-free solution in channels with intermittent flows, than riprap and gabions.

Granular Slope Cover – for Shorelines and Landfills

Channel applications subject to surface erosion, unstable slopes and hydraulic forces – as well as geomembranes – can be protected with Neoloy Geocells using gravel or crushed stone infill for effective stabilization of the following slopes:

  • Slopes/channels subject to severe erosional and hydraulic forces from water, wind or ice
  • In landfill drainage and leachate treatment, the critical objective is to protect the geomembrane
  • Shoreline and reservoir geomembrane protection to create impermeable channels without concrete

Hard Armor Slope Cover – For Drainage Trenches & Channels

Concrete infill is used in places with high flow rates and hydraulic stress, for example, in drainage ditches and trenches at the bottom of highway slopes / embankments subject to concentrated storm water run-off.

The use of concrete infill with Neoloy Geocells has multiple construction advantages. Pouring is fast, efficient and controlled as the Neoloy functions as ready-made forms, while amount of concrete is of uniform thickness. It also functions as a flexible slab that accommodates minor subgrade movement and prevents cracking. In channel retention walls only only the outside fascia cells require concrete fill, while the inner walls cells can be filled with local crushed stone. The savings’ in concrete and project timetables can be significant.

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