PRS Geo-Technologies is an engineering and technology company focused on only one product – geocells. Not only do we offer the best available geosynthetic solution for reinforcement solution. Unlike most geocell manufacturer whose expertise is in plastic sheet extrusion, PRS is expert in geotechnical engineering. Our geotechnical engineers accompany each project from the initial design to the final installation to maximize the value of Neoloy Geocells.

PRS offers the strongest and most durable geocell engineering available today with extensive engineering, environmental and economic benefits. Contractors and engineers choose PRS as it fully guarantees lifespan performance for the most heavy-duty applications to save both capital and life-cycle costs.

Neoloy Geocell has been proven in roads, railways, ports and other projects in over 45 countries around the world. Civil engineering design firms, global corporations, transportation bodies, road construction contractors and defense ministries around the world have chosen PRS as their “partner of choice” for their soil reinforcement needs.

Benefits of PRS

  • Consulting and design – engineering department delivers designs, calculations and project consulting.
  • Effective design process – early consultation enables effective reviews, alternative solutions and cost-effective design.
  • In-house Manufacturing – PRS guaranteed quality product, processes and production.
  • Shipping and documentation – PRS logistics department guarantees timely delivery anywhere.
  • On-site installation and training – a PRS supervisor will travel to any site anywhere in the world.
  • PRS guarantees results – PRS supervisor will train crews, oversee installation, and provide on-site solutions if necessary.
  • Neoloy Geocell performance is confirmed by independent research and testing by leading experts, academic and research institutes and government transportation agencies in the US, Canada, Japan, Russia, Poland, Germany, Holland and India, among others.

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