Natural river banks and shorelines sometimes need riverscape engineering to protect them from erosive forces. PRS-Neoweb™ geocells stabilize the soil, prevent erosion and enhance vegetative growth, while protecting the waterway from high water velocity and tractive forces. Anchorage systems can be integrated to further prevent uplift forces and enhance slope stability.

PRS-Neoweb withstands alternative tension and compression and saturated conditions without losing its structural integrity.  PRS-Neoweb offers integrated solutions, such as concrete infill of retaining walls along the lower shoreline subject to high flow velocities, with vegetated soil/slope stabilization of the upper banks that are subject to more intermittent and lower velocity flows.


  • Frictional resistance reduce sliding from hydrodynamic and gravitational forces
  • Cell walls provide mechanical protection against run-off and water velocity
  • Confinement preserves integrity of soil structure to minimize impact of water flow
  • Cell perforations facilitates drainage and plant-root interlock to stabilize bank
  • Unique Neoloy® polymer – very high resistance to UV, oxidation, water, extreme temperatures
  • Stabilize unstable and steep slopes
  • Sustainable – enables flow of water, nutrients and soil organisms
  • Landscape – enhance plant growth, soil health and visual landscape
  • Cost effective –reduces the quantities of surface cover required (topsoil, gravel or concrete)
  • Protect embankments and restored slopes – often at a steep angle of repose to save land and cost.
  • Long lifespan – maximizes project lifecycle costs

Types of Channel Protection

PRS-Neoweb confinement of vegetated soil, hard armor or poured concrete fill optimizes erosion protection for natural or man-made channels and hydraulic structures, typically incorporated into open-channel systems. Typical solutions for a channel depend on the hydraulic, site and environmental conditions along a water course include PRS-Neoweb with:

  • Concrete infill of the channel bed (up to 13.0 m/sec flow velocity)
  • Aggregate infill embankments and retaining walls in sections with high flow velocities or steep slopes (up to 3.5 m/sec flow velocity)
  • Soil/vegetated infill to protect banks subject to intermittent flows (up to 6.5 m/sec flow velocity)