PRS invests considerably in research, development and in-situ field testing. The goal of PRS R&D was to create a tough new generation of geocell technology and performance. The result of this intensive program was the development of a patented novel polymeric alloy called Neoloy®.

Research and testing on PRS-Neoweb™ geocells from Neoloy was conducted in collaboration with leading international researchers, geotechnical engineering universities, industry research institutes and government transportation agencies in the US, Canada, Japan, Russia, England, Poland, Germany, Holland and India, among others. These helped test and refine the new generation Neoloy geocell technology by:

As noted in Geosynthetics Magazine, PRS R&D efforts set an example of a fruitful iterative process between private industry and academia:

“Professor Leshchinsky and I note that this article…departs from…policy in an effort to offer a guideline, an example, of how product development for the geosynthetics industry can be done effectively. We hope these lessons can further advance the geosynthetics industry into the 21st century with much success.”  – Editors of Geosynthetics magazine