Ports, storage areas and container yards require heavy-duty reinforcement, quality aggregate layers and good drainage. That’s what PRS-Neoweb™ cellular confinement systems offer at a fraction of the time and price for reinforced concrete-steel solutions or stabilized cement layers. And the life-cycle savings due to the long-term PRS-Neoweb reinforcement are even larger.

PRS-Neoweb based on the high modulus Neoloy® novel polymeric alloy provides heavy duty load support – even while using marginal granular material, such as dredged sand for structural infill. PRS-Neoweb creates a semi-rigid mattress (beam-effect) that increases bearing capacity, improves load distribution and reduces settlement. PRS-Neoweb is particularly suitable to port and container yard projects in which soil bearing capacity, aggregates, durability and costs are critical.


  • Beam effect causes better load transfer by reducing vertical stresses on the subgrade
  • Support very heavy loads such as container stackers (100+ kg/cm2)
  • Improve aggregate modulus and reduce aggregate attrition
  • Reduce the thickness of (or replace) substrata and/or bituminous layers.
  • Provide excellent drainage in saturated marine environments
  • Degradation is gradual and not subject to sudden failure
  • Saves project installation time and money
  • Minimize operational and maintenance costs due to increased service-life
  • Utilize locally available inferior fill such as dredged sand, instead of high-quality aggregate
  • More cost effective than concrete alternatives

Intermodal Port Solutions

The engineering strength of PRS-Neoweb enables a reduction in the structural layer thickness, while cement stabilized layers or concrete/asphalt wearing course thickness can be eliminated or decreased. The surface layer can be paved with non-permeable bituminous materials or permeable concrete paving block systems.