PRS-Neoweb™ cellular confinement systems are suitable for every layer of embankments. PRS-Neoweb can stabilize soft foundation soils, protect embankment slopes or reinforce the pavement structure at the top of the embankment. Typically applications include roads, rails and other construction projects with variable grades:

  • Subgrade level – PRS-Neoweb provides a working platform for construction. PRS-Neoweb acts as tensioned geocell mattress (beam effect) over soft soils to improve the stability of the foundation and prevent deformation. PRS-Neoweb ground improvement increases the load bearing of the soil and prevents the normal slip failure mechanism.
  • Slopesof embankments – PRS-Neoweb mechanically stabilizes the slope surface soils. PRS-Neoweb protects slopes from erosion, thereby aiding to the overall stability of the embankment as well.
  • Pavement substructure – PRS-Neoweb increases the strength of the embankment while reducing deformation under repeated loading.

PRS-Neoweb stabilized load transfer layer in embankments significantly reduces settlements and improves the overall pavement performance over soft soils. PRS-Neoweb used in railway ballast embankments is very effective in decreasing horizontal and vertical deformation.


  • Slope stabilization and earth retention
  • Erosion protection
  • Green wall
  • Steep and high earth stabilization
  • Seismic resistance
  • Efficient drainage system and stormwater management
  • Uses low grade/local granular infill
  • High stiffness and strength with very low creep
  • Dimensionally stable for reliable confinement in a wide temperature range
  • Resistant to stress-cracking, particularly at temperature extremes
  • Very resistant to additive leaching, oxidation and photochemical degradation