Changes in temperature cause expansion and contraction of any material –
In a polymeric geocell heating expands the cell neocell_dimensional_stability_1resulting in a loss of confinement, while cooling contracts the cell, which can lead to failure of the walls and seams.

Geocells must be able to retain their original dimensions (“dimensional stability”) when subjected to varying degrees of temperature, moisture, pressure, or other stress. A geocell that loses its original dimensions impairs confinement and compaction, leading to degradation or failure of a structure.

PRS-Neoweb™ has the highest dimensional stability of any available geocell, as measured by the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), a standard industry test. A lower number means the product is more resistant to permanent deformation from thermal cycling.

The unique Neoloy alloy based on nano-fibers in a polyolefin is chemically very stable. This gives PRS-Neoweb the lowest CTE of any geocell available, 2.5-5x lower than HDPE-based geocells

 Coefficient of Thermal <  90 ppm/  o C ISO 11359-2 (TMA) 
 Expansion (CTE)ASTM E831