One shoe doesn’t fit all. Neither does one geocell fit all projects. PRS enables you to customize your geocell to fit the project thereby maximizing your cost-efficiency. PRS-Neoweb™ is manufactured according to several project profiles so you can match it with the specific requirements of your project.

First analyze the project according to typical stresses, loading, environmental durability and temperatures. Then match the project requirements with the PRS-Neoweb Category Table and Flow Charts below to choose the appropriate PRS-Neoweb type, according to the tensile strength and durability.  Of course, each geocell type is available in different size cells and wall heights to fine-tune the solution.


  • Customized geocell –  according to project requirements and design-life
  • Optimize project costs – can be reduced by up to 50%
  • High long-term performance – Neoloy® geocell technology inside each cell
  • Up to 50% more sections / pallet / container
  • Ease of installation
  • Sections are easier to carry, handle, layout
  • Available section sizes  up to 50% larger
  • Installation time decreased significantly

Table of PRS-Neoweb Categories A B C D

The following chart explains how to select the PRS-Neoweb that matches the actual needs of the project categories, pre-calculated by typical stresses, loading, photochemical durability, elevated temperatures and design-life and not just the cell dimension.  Different cell sizes and wall heights are available according to design objectives.

SLOPES  (1) Max. Slope Max. Height (m) Max. Height (m) Max. Height (m) Max. Height (m)
34° unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
45° 10 12 15 20
63° 3 4 5 6
CHANNELS  (2) Max. Slope Max. Velocity (m/sec) Max. Velocity (m/sec) Max. Velocity (m/sec) Max. Velocity (m/sec)
34° 10 10 10 10
45° 10 10 10 10
63° 7 8 10 10
WALLS  (3) Max. Slope Max. Height (m) Max. Height (m) Max. Height (m) Max. Height (m)
81° unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
84° 3 unlimited unlimited unlimited
87° x x 2 3
LOAD SUPPORT  (4) Road Layer Applicability Applicability Applicability Applicability
Subbase  limited
Base x limited limited