Neoloy based PRS-Neoweb geocells are an ideal soil stabilization solution for unpaved gravel roads of all types of roads: service, haul, access, gravel, secondary feeder roads in soft soils.  PRS-Neoweb geocells stabilize soft subgrade, reinforce the road base and prevent degradation of the surface. PRS-Neoweb is example of an innovative technology that improves road construction, makes roads more sustainable and reduces costs – particularly in problematic soils, difficult locations and where aggregate resources are limited.


Unpaved Access Roads

Nearly 80% of the world’s roads are unpaved gravel roads. Many of these are over weak or saturated soils, requiring... (Read more)


Neoloy Geocells for Gravel Roads

PRS-Neoweb™ (aka Tough Cell®) geocells are an ideal solution for dirt and gravel roads and gravel road construction for soft,... (Read more)

Geocell Reinforcement Performance

Roads from Sand

Although sand cannot normally be used to construct a road, Neoloy based PRS-Neoweb™ is an innovative road reinforcement technology that... (Read more)


Expansive Clay Soils

The Neoloy based geocell hybrid reinforcement solution for expansive clay subgrade soils are proven in roadways, railways and ports around... (Read more)