Neoloy Technology

Neoloy® is a breakthrough in cellular confinement technology. Based on nano-fibers in a polyolefin matrix, the novel polymeric alloy combines the ductility of HDPE with the dimensional stability and creep resistance of polyester. This provides the PRS-Neoweb™ geocells with unprecedented stiffness, tensile strength and durability. Neoloy-based PRS-Neoweb is manufactured in multi-layer strips of high durability layers around a high strength core to provide optimal performance – strength, flexibility and chemical stability.

Neoloy® Novel Polymeric Alloy

Neoloy® Novel Polymeric Alloy

Research demonstrates that not all geocells are equal. Therefore, PRS decided to make the a strong, stiff and durable nano-polymeric... (Read more)

Geocell Neoloy Technology

Performance Based Specs

Neoloy®-based PRS-Neoweb™ enables confinement in applications where no other geocell dare to go. That's why PRS developed new standards for... (Read more)


SIM Accelerated Creep

The Stepped Isothermal Method (SIM) was developed to predict the accelerated creep of polymers for a lifespan of 50-100 years... (Read more)


Dimensional Stability

Changes in temperature cause expansion and contraction of any material – In a polymeric geocell heating expands the cell resulting... (Read more)


Oxidation & UV Resistance

Providing long-term protection that is required by geocell polymers is a complicated process requiring a high degree of technical competency... (Read more)


Flexible Storage Modulus

Polymers tend to lose resistance to deformations (elastic modulus) at high temperatures. A cost effective method to measure the elastic... (Read more)