The goal of geosynthetic reinforcement is to optimize the resources used to construct a solid, stabilized base and subbase for the pavement or other construction. PRS-Neoweb geocell is an ideal geosynthetic soil stabilization and reinforcement solution for geotechnical engineering:

  • Compared to 2D geosynthetic products, such as geogrids and geotextiles, geocell confinement in three dimensions better minimizes the lateral as well as the vertical movement of soil particles. This results in a higher locked-in confining stress and thus a higher modulus of the base.
  • Conventional ground stabilization solutions (soil replacement, additives, or thicker base layers) either do not provide sufficient long-term stability and strength for transportation engineering and/or entail higher costs and environmental impacts.

PRS-Neoweb reinforcement outperforms any other geocell, geogrid or geosynthetic solution. See for yourself how PRS-Neoweb compares:

geocells VS HDPE geocells

Neoloy based PRS-Neoweb geocells VS HDPE geocells

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Geocell PRS Neoweb

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geocells VS HDPE geocells


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Access Mats

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Benefits of PRS-Neoweb Geocells

  • Improve layer modulus – using lower quality, local available or recycled infill
  • Reduce layer thickness – more than any other solution
  • Long-term performance – extend pavement life more than other solutions
  • Easy and fast deployment – all-weather installation and all-weather roads
  • Sustainable solution – reduce aggregate use as well as labor, equipment, resources
  • Minimize maintenance – stronger pavement reduces ongoing repairs and rehabilitation cycles.
  • Cost effective – lower construction costs and lifecycle costs