Neoloy® Geocells provide durable and flexible protection

If you are looking for cost effective, long-term slope protection for channel protection and road drainage ditches, Neoloy is the solution.

If you are looking for cost effective, long-term slope protection for channel protection and road drainage ditches in India, Neoloy is the solution. Neoloy Geocells dissipate energy from flood, current and wave action. Vegetative and/or gravel infill is used when there is periodic high water or flooding (depending on geometry and hydraulic stresses), while concrete infill is used for non-erodible channel protection solutions.

The self-draining, permeability of Neoloy Geocells prevents the buildup of hydrostatic pressure, which can cause cracking in concrete structures. The flexibility of the Neoloy structure enables it to yield to earth movement without degradation in performance or structural integrity.



  • Neoloy with soil and vegetated slopes – for green river banks subject to moderate hydraulic forces
  • Neoloy with hard concrete infill – on the trapezoidal channel bed (subgrade cover)
  • Neoloy retaining walls with aggregate infill – in sections with high flow velocities or steep slopes
  • Erosion protection – cell walls protect banks against sliding, tractive and uplift forces
  • Drainage and soil conservation – gives full drainage and prevents hydrostatic forces
  • Bank vegetation – cells provide protected growth strata for plants
  • Channel Protection – tolerates high sheet-flow conditions and prevents channeling
  • Neoloy is easier to install, utilizes low-grade local granular infill and eliminates the need for underwater foundation work.
  • Unique Neoloy polymer technology – high resistance to UV, oxidation, water, extreme temperatures
  • Resistant to water – unlike concrete, steel and timber solutions
  • Maximize channel design with retaining walls, slopes and gravel/soil slopes according to flow rates
  • Cost effective – Neoloy Geocells use less concrete or other surface cover for same level of protection
  • More cost effective than rip-rap or gabion solutions – which require specific sized stone
  • Sustainable – topsoil cover improves soil health, plant growth and visual landscape

Save Costs with Neoloy Geocells

Due to the superior reinforcement of Neoloy Geocells, channel protection projects require less infill material and can substitute lower quality infill without loss of long term design strength. This saves project costs during the initial construction and the project life-time. Savings increases when concrete is used as the infill, as the concrete thickness can be reduced or even replaced by other infill materials.

For example Neoloy can replace U-shaped designs for reinforced channels with trapezoidal designs, thereby reducing the amount of concrete needed by ~30%. As the Neoloy honeycombed cells function as the forms for pouring, forms as well as reinforcements, setting or curing times are eliminated. Concrete can be poured in one stage, making it easier, faster and more uniform.

When Neoloy Geocells are used in channel retention walls, typically only the outside fascia cells require concrete fill; the inner walls cells can be filled with local crushed stone, reducing concrete requirements even further.


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