Create Strong Ground Stabilization on Unstable Subgrade

Create strong working platforms in India with Neoloy Geocells® for heavy-duty pavements without soil replacement, using local soil for structural infill

Very often weak soils require foundation soil improvement so that heavy construction machinery or drilling rigs can operate. Conventional soil replacement is feasible only for shallow depths if with low water tables and increases the carbon footprint of a project.

Neoloy® Geocells are a more economic and sustainable solution for working platforms. One or more layers of Neoloy Geocells filled with granular material create a semi-rigid, ground foundation mattress that:

A Neoloy Geocell working platform simplifies the construction of embankments, as it they are laid and progressively filled in-situ with granular material. In addition, the stiff Neoloy working platform increases the reinforcement factor of Neoloy Geocells used in the upper structural layers.

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  • Distributed lateral stress increases shear strength of confined soil, creating stiff mattress
  • Low lateral deformation due to high hoop strength of Neoloy Geocell
  • Friction resistance lowers stress reaching subgrade
  • Improves bearing capacity
  • Excellent drainage – can be used in saturated environment
  • Improves performance of Neoloy Geocell in upper layers
  • Fast and progressive construction
  • Reduce aggregate expenditures and earthmoving
  • Efficient for use with concrete infill
  • Cost-effective
  • Eliminates expensive and time consuming soil replacement
  • Lowers project carbon footprint
  • Reduces embankment layer thickness to save aggregate

Site conditions may require prior improvement of the bearing capacity for the heavy construction equipment. The Neoloy Geocell solution is to construct a raft foundation/ mattresses from one or more Neoloy Geocell layers infilled with granular material. The rigid layer creates a working platform enabling construction equipment to move on solid ground by effectively increasing the modulus of the soft soil. This greatly simplifies the embankment construction process as it is erected and progressively filed in-situ with granular material that forms a rigid platform for working.

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