Neoloy® Geocell Gives Increased Performance at Lower Cost

Neoloy is revolutionizing the use of geocells for engineers and contractors. How? Because of the high-strength of Neoloy Geocells

Neoloy is revolutionizing the use of geocells for engineers and contractors. How? Because the high-strength of Neoloy Geocells is manufactured in several different categories according to strength and other design factors. Now you can select the Neoloy Geocell type that fits the project requirements. The result is increased performance at lower cost, no matter which project type. PRS offers:

  • New design methods – Extensive R&D with Neoloy Geocells included calibration of design methods for use in unpaved roads (modified Giroud and Han method) and paved roads (layered elastic model method) integrating the Neoloy modulus improvement factor (MIF).
  • New specifications and standards – PRS developed new performance based specs that more accurately reflect the performance of geocells in the field than traditional methods.
  • Engineering consulting – as an engineering and technology company, PRS provides geotechnical engineering and design services for you  to maximize the effectiveness of Neoloy Geocells in each project.
  • New Neoloy categories – PRS developed four main types of geocells for each general application category. This enables optimization of the geocell (and maximizes cost-effectiveness) by matching the tensile strength and durability of Neoloy to the project requirements.

  • Confinement increases layer strength (modulus)
  • Reinforcement reduces layer thickness and wearing course
  • Beam effect improves load transfer and bearing capacity
  • Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF) allows more traffic and for longer time
  • More reinforcement than any geogrid
  • Simple logistics and fast all-weather installation
  • Lower construction, infill costs
  • Improve pavement lifespan
  • Reduce repairs, maintenance cycles and downtime
  • Use locally available, ungraded or recycled materials for infill
  • Reduce quarrying, hauling, fuel, pollution, carbon footprint
  • Green sustainable construction method
  • Provides very high stiffness, dimensional stability, creep resistance
  • Long-term performance under heavy dynamic loading
  • Outperforms any other HDPE geocell

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