Neoloy® Geocells Stabilize Weak or Saturated Soil

Neoloy Geocells can reinforce the base of all types of unpaved roads: access roads, haul roads, gravel roads as well as rural or temporary roads.

Nearly 80% of the world’s roads are unpaved gravel roads. Many of these are over weak or saturated soils, requiring soil stabilization and road base reinforcement. Neoloy is stronger, greener and more cost-effective than any other ground stabilization solution for unpaved access road construction.

Neoloy Geocells can stabilize soft subgrades and reinforce the base of all types of unpaved gravel roads: access roads, haul roads, gravel roads as well as rural, low volume or temporary roads. The high strength of the novel polymeric alloy in Neoloy Geocells enables the use of local, marginal soils for structural infill, while reducing road pavement thickness by 50% or more.

Neoloy Geocells also extend the unpaved road lifespan, thereby reducing maintenance and repairs. Vertical loading of the Neoloy reinforced sections creates a semi-rigid slab or beam effect. This distributes loads evenly, reduces differential settlement and reduces road degradation. Less rutting and surface deterioration means less wear and tear on vehicles, tires and drivers! Neoloy makes access roads over challenging terrain safer, more reliable and sustainable.

Unmatched by other ground improvement solutions (e.g., chemical stabilizers, geotextiles, geogrids, access mats), Neoloy Geocell unpaved access roads and haul roads consistently exceed customer expectations.

Access Road, Clay Soil, India

Haul Road, Sand Infill, Canada

Logging Road, Soft Soil, Uruguay



  • Reduce road layer thickness and infill (by up to 50%)
  • Improve elastic modulus of road base layer with inferior infill by 3x or more
  • Increase design life of gravel roads
  • Loads distributed over a wider area
  • Decrease settlement by up to 80% and reduce vertical stress to the subgrade by up to 50%.
  • All weather construction and all-weather use
  • Reduce aggregate, hauling and placement costs
  • Reduce repairs, long-term maintenance, operating costs
  • Lower initial construction costs and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Use of marginal and recycled infill reduces quarrying, hauling and carbon pollution
  • Reduce road dust and sedimentation – low environmental footprint
  • Self-draining system for reliable year-round transportation

Road Solutions

Neoloy Geocells are suitable for all types of low volume unpaved access roads construction, such as the following:

  • Access roads for transporting heavy equipment and vehicles to remote oil rig sites
  • Haul roads for natural resources, mining and forestry logging operations
  • Service roads for transportation, energy sector, pipeline and utilities maintenance
  • Rural roads for remote areas and developing regions (laterite or murram soil ‘dirt’ roads in Africa)
  • Military roads for reliable, secure patrol roads in difficult conditions
  • Green roads for intermittent trafficking over grass shoulders, parking lots and low impact development
  • Temporary roads used to access rig sites or for bypass roads in road construction projects


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