Provide Reliable Access for Alternative Energy Farms

Transport and erect heavy wind turbines and solar generating equipment over problematic soils in remote locales with Neoloy® Geocell Sustainable Solutions

The Challenge

Wind farms and solar energy plants in Canada provide a unique challenge when located in remote terrain with soft, sand or peat soils. Access roads, water crossings and working platforms for over-sized transport and heavy construction vehicles (200+ tons) require very high load bearing capacity. Access is often through environmentally sensitive areas.

The Neoloy Solution

Fortunately, the more challenging the conditions are, the more reasons you need Neoloy Geocells. Neoloy Geocell soil stabilization enables cost-effective access roads and staging areas for over-sized loads in the most problematic soils. The small construction footprint of the Neoloy cellular confinement system makes it ideal for use in sensitive areas, such as nature preserves. By reducing overall construction and resource-use, environmental and on-site disruptions are minimized.

Why Neoloy

The unique properties of Neoloy Geocells – high stiffness, tensile strength and creep resistance – guarantee support for high dynamic loads, such as unpaved access roads for single axle loads of 24 tons typical of heavy cranes and wind turbines over soft soils. Increased load support is achieved with less aggregate, time and costs, while Neoloy durability ensures reliable use for the road design life and beyond.

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  • Reduce logistics and installation
  • Reduce layer thickness and excavation
  • Highest load bearing capability in poor soil & subgrades
  • Decrease hauling and construction equipment
  • Reduce long-term maintenance
  • Easy & fast installation
  • Save on project construction and costs
  • Reduce infill quantity & costs by ~50%
  • Increase project life span (x6)
  • Use marginal quality native infill
  • Neoloy Geocells can be removed, recycled after access for site restoration
  • Minimal environmental footprint

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