Neoloy® Geocells for Green & Sustainable Construction in Canada

Neoloy solutions exemplify green building practices for sustainable design and construction in both load support and slope and channel protection

Neoloy solutions exemplify Green Building practices for sustainable design and construction in both load support and slope and channel protection applications. Neoloy Geocells meet US Green Building Council LEED® credits in the following categories: minimizing onsite impact, reducing stormwater, reducing heat island effect, use of recycled content and regional materials for infill.

Neoloy Geocell solutions are suitable for Low Impact Development (LID) to replace hard paved surfaces with soft grass surfaces by reinforcing the base layer in road and runway shoulders, parking lots and emergency vehicle access ways. These green surfaces reduce heat absorption (heat-islands) and provide a more natural and aesthetic environment.

Perforated Neoloy cells provide an excellent growth environment for plant growth enabling the passage of water, nutrients and soil organisms. The holes in the cell walls enable root interlock, which further stabilizes the slope and soil. This enhances revegetation and facilitates the quick restoration of the landscape values better than any other geosynthetic.

Benefits of Neoloy Geocell

  • Utilize local and native soils for infill
  • High dimensional stability under dynamic loading and in temperature extremes
  • Very high resistance to environmental conditions, oxidation and UV degradation over time.
  • Landscape architecture –Neoloy cells are ideal micro-environment for the establishment of vegetation and restoration of landscape values in slopes and channels.
  • Heat Islands – Neoloy Geocells prevent heat islands by replacing hard outdoor surfaces such as parking lots and vehicle access ways, or as green faced surfaces on building roofs.
  • Site Ecology – Neoloy Geocells prevents soil erosion and improves the site drainage, soil quality and soil-root interlock.
  • Drainage – Neoloy perforated cells promote infiltration and limit the impact of hydrostatic forces by improving drainage. This preserves the soil structure, prevents run-off and soil erosion, and increases permeability, crucial for slopes and retaining walls.
  • Lower project costs and longer lifespan
  • Less repairs and maintenance costs
  • All-weather roads in developing regions increase accessibility to market
  • Simple installation lets local work crews receive on-site training and work on project

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