Stop soil erosion and the erosive impact of water in slopes, channels or reservoirs in Canada with Neoloy Geocells. Neoloy provides effective slope and channel protection and soil stabilization is suitable for any site, incline, and environmental conditions. Whether infilled with topsoil and vegetation for landscaping or with hard-armor surfacing for more severe pressures, Neoloy cellular confinement systems are the answer.


Channel Protection

If you are looking for cost-effective, long-term slope protection for drainage ditches, channels, waterways and hydraulic structur...(Read More)

Stormwater Management - Bioswale (Czech)

Stormwater Management Solutions

The Stormwater Management Challenge Neoloy Geocells are a sustainable drainage system (SUDS) or water management technique for the...(Read More)


Slope Protection & Erosion Control

Civil engineers and landscape architects need proven solutions to control soil erosion, stabilize slopes, enable drainage and crea...(Read More)

soil stabilization

Slope Stabilization Solutions

Whether covered with topsoil and vegetation for natural landscapes or with granular or concrete-armored surfacing if exposed to mo...(Read More)