PRS Neoloy Geocells keep the haul trucks rolling, help to manage mine wastes and enable effective restoration of the natural landscape

cHaul Roads

Haul roads are the key to mining operations and productivity. Neoloy Geocell heavy-duty road reinforcement ensures that ore continues to roll 24/7 in all-weather conditions. (Read more)



Site Rehabilitation

PRS Neoloy provides erosion control and soil stabilization for any site, incline, and environmental conditions, so that mine operators can rehabilitate mine sites effectively and restore natural landforms and landscapes. (Read more)


HomePage-3-sizedWaste Management

Protect the water and environment for tailings storage facilities (TSFs), slurry pits & sludge containment ponds with a strong, reliable and environmentally durable Neoloy Geocell protection system for the geomembrane linings. (Read more)




  • Enable year-round operations including rainy season with all-weather roads
  • Increase road bearing capacity in terms of loads and traffic
  • Save wear and tear on tires and haul truck equipment
  • Reduce construction costs – construct stronger roads with less resources
  • Extend lifespan and reduce maintenance
  • Improve soil bearing capacity – stabilize even weakest soil
  • Increase infill modulus – achieve higher strength at lower costs
  • Reduce layer/infill thickness – without sacrificing performance
  • Increase pavement strength – for any size load and decrease maintenance cycles
  • Best erosion control practice – protect slopes, geomembranes
  • Enhance vegetation and landscapes
  • Excellent drainage and protection from rain, runoff and storm water
  • Permanent solution designed to last
  • Maximum stabilization at minimum costs
  • Easy logistics and fast construction
  • Provide green face
  • Strong, durable and high seismic reliability

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