PRS-Neoloy® Geocell is an innovative soil stabilization and road reinforcement technology for civil engineering and infrastructure for South Africa.

Neoloy Geocells are a 3D honeycomb geosynthetic made from Neoloy® – a nano-polymeric alloy (NPA) – for unparalleled performance: stiffness, creep resistance and service life.  Neoloy-based geocells stabilize weak soil while providing more engineering, environmental and economic advantages in South Africa than HDPE geocells, geogrids, chemical additives or any other reinforcement geosynthetics.

Innovative 3D Cellular Confinement Technology 

Three dimensional cells made of a strong and stiff polymer (Neoloy) mechanically confine weak soil to increase the strength of infill and reinforce pavements. The result is higher engineering performance, sustained for long-term, achieved with much lower construction and maintenance costs.

  • How does Neoloy Geocell technology work?
  • How to improve your South African project performance?
  • How to overcome challenges at much lower costs in South Africa?

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slide-2-Neoloy-geocell-cellular confinement-prs-medHow to Choose the Right Geocell for Your Project in South Africa

Following an extensive R&D process, PRS proven engineering methodology with Neoloy Geocells provides you with the optimized geocell configuration tailored to your project needs. These methods were adopted by leading engineering firms and successfully used in 1000’s of projects.

  • What are the 4 Key Factors for choosing geocells?
  • What Geocell properties are required for your project?
  • How can you lower costs by choosing the right geocell configuration?

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hp6Why Geocells are Made of Neoloy 

Geocells mechanically confine soil based on cell geometry. Upon loading, every polymer material will elongate (creep) over time. As a result, the geocell’s confinement will be reduced. Neoloy is a strong and stiff Novel Polymer Alloy (NPA). Thanks to its unique properties Geocells made of Neoloy sustain loading for long-term without any degradation in performance.

  • Why Geocells made of Neoloy guarantee your project success?
  • What Geocell properties provide the required design performance for the entire project lifespan?
  • Why Neoloy Geocells are the new generation of soil stabilization geosynthetics?

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