Choose an application, fill up the design request form and get a preliminary engineering design with PRS Neoloy Geocells for your South African project.

Sudan-Neoloy Geocell LayoutUnpaved Roads – Sand/Gravel Design Form 

Neoloy® Geocells optimize project resources and costs of unpaved, gravel and sand roads while lowering maintenance costs (Get a Design).


Paved Roads Design Form 

Neoloy® Geocells mechanically stabilize the base and sub-base layers of a paved road to keep low deformation level with the high Neoloy stiffness (<2% permanent deformation, ASTM D6992) (Get a Design).


Channel Protection Design Form 

The high dynamic-modulus 3D Neoloy Geocells protection absorbs dynamic energy while maintaining the stability of the surface cover. This achieves a reliable and durable solution that prevents erosion and slope failures and eliminates flood events (Get a Design).


Retaining Wall for Residential BuildingsRetaining Walls Design Form 

PRS Neoloy geocells walls are durable and green earth retention walls with low creep <3% for more than 75 years. Ideal for steep, unstable slopes and maximize site development (Get a design).


slope-protection-spain6Slope Protection Design Form 

PRS Neoloy® Geocells hold the soil in place against soil sliding forces. The cells act as a 3D mechanical stabilizer, and the high Neoloy stiffness guarantees low permanent deformation (<2%, ASTM D6992) to keep the cells and infill material in place (Get a design).



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