Neoloy® Geocell Maintains Performance Over Time

Although the runners in a marathon start together, their performances differ as the race goes on. The same is true for geocells.

Although the runners in a marathon start together, their performances differ as the race goes on. The same is true for geocells. Geocells must retain their performance over time, e.g., maintain their 3D geometry (dimensional stability), for the reinforcement mechanisms (wall stiffness, beam effect and elastic modulus) to function. Deviation in geocell geometry will weaken the pavement and cause fatigue failure.

The advanced Neoloy® polymer alloy provides the Neoloy Geocell with the optimal combination of strength, stiffness and durability. Neoloy maintains its stiffness and geometry for the geotechnical project lifespan under dynamic loading, thermal cycling and high temperatures. Pavement layers and subgrade reinforced by Neoloy Geocells improve the level of pavement stability and uniformity, thereby increasing the performance and life of the pavement.

The result is significantly less road repairs and rehabilitation, as well as decreased use of raw materials, making road construction more sustainable and more economical. The end result is reduced maintenance, a cost-effective solution and fast return on investment.

The high modulus Neoloy Geocells have been calibrated for use with today’s mechanistic empirical models (MEPDG) for road design (e.g., AASHTO Roadside Design Guide). Neoloy’s long-term strength makes it a “perpetual geocell”, suitable for the base of perpetual pavements and perpetual railway superstructures.


  • Stiff and Strong – very high tensile strength, up to 28 MPa, prevents fatigue
  • Confinement – increases pavement layer strength (modulus) regardless of bearing capacity (CBR)
  • Reinforcement – reduces layer thickness and wearing course by up to 50%
  • Beam effect – improves load transfer and bearing capacity by up to 50%
  • Improves elastic modulus – by factor of 2-5 for heavier traffic and longer pavement lifespan
  • Simple logistics – and fast all-weather installation
  • Lower costs – of infill, compaction, construction
  • Reduce maintenance – repairs, maintenance cycles and downtime
  • Extended lifespan – lowers life cycle costs and suitable for perpetual pavements
  • Lower grade infill – Use locally available, ungraded or recycled materials for infill
  • Reduce pollution – quarrying, hauling, fuel, pollution, carbon footprint
  • Green – sustainable construction method
  • Patented technology – provides very high stiffness, dimensional stability, creep resistance
  • Durable – long-term performance under heavy dynamic loading
  • Advanced engineering – suitable for very perpetual pavements
  • High performance– outperforms any other HDPE geocell

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