Neoloy® Geocell Strengthens Pavements Beyond Subgrade

Neoloy is the only geocell to break the subgrade barrier. Neoloy Geocell was designed to be used at the base layer of asphalt pavements.

Neoloy is the only geocell to break the subgrade barrier. No longer limited to soft subgrade soils, Neoloy Geocell was designed for heavy duty pavement reinforcement of the base layer of asphalt pavements. Neoloy improves the layer modulus of structural layers. High quality base aggregate can be replaced with locally available less expensive granular infill, due to the increased stiffness of the PRS-Neoloy cellular confinement. The result – lower costs for every square meter of highway.


Based on the novel polymeric alloy, Neoloy Geocells are engineered for long-term confinement. The high modulus Neoloy enables a reduction in the layer thickness of the asphalt, base and subgrade layers – for even more savings in capital and life-cycle costs. Neoloy Geocell is considered a perpetual stabilization solution suitable for perpetual pavements.


  • Asphalt layer – reduces the asphalt thickness due to the improved modulus of the base
  • Base layer – replace the base layer infill with subbase quality infill
  • Subbase layer – reduce the subbase thickness
  • Save one or more complete deep milling and overlay of new asphaltic layers
  • Provide long-term confinement and compaction throughout the design-life of the road
  • Utilize lower cost infill material (subbase quality) to replace base quality aggregate
  • Cost effective – lowers construction costs
  • Lowers lifecycle cost due to reduced maintenance
  • Sustainable – reduces quarrying, hauling, fuel and carbon
  • Improved pavement lifespan reduces rehabilitation work and downtime
  • Implementing sustainable technology saves natural resources

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