Mechanically Stabilize Pavements for Heavy Duty Pavements

Neoloy® Geocells are the most cost-effective method to improve soil bearing capacity, strengthen pavements and reduce maintenance for South African airport operators

The Challenge

Across the world, airports are built on the margins of cities. Invariably, this means that they are located on marginal or swamp land, requiring significant ground improvement efforts. Innovative soil stabilization solutions are required to strengthen all types of airport pavements, including runways, roadways, aprons and storage yards.

The Neoloy Solution

Neoloy Geocells are becoming the solution of choice by airport authorities and pavement designers. Neoloy Geocells form a light, strong and stable layer to support heavy-duty airport pavements. They have a proven track record for pavement reinforcement – increasing the soil bearing capacity, improving base layer strength and reducing asphalt layer thickness.

Often, Neoloy has proven to be the only feasible airport pavement solution, for example, airports in Mexico City, which face extreme geotechnical conditions. Used to reinforced aprons at the Mexico City International Airport, Neoloy Geocell reinforcement reduced extremely problematic settlements from 17 cm a year to 0 a year. (Read case study)

Why Neoloy

The key to the Neoloy Geocells is the Neoloy, novel polymer alloy (NPA), designed for long-term performance. The high tensile strength, cell wall stiffness and creep resistance of Neoloy Geocells resist permanent deformation – giving it a long lifespan, even under dynamic loading. Neoloy Geocells create a semi-rigid beam effect. This spreads vertical stress by lateral distribution of applied loads to significantly reduce stress to lower pavement layers.

The result is an ideal stabilization solution to reinforce runways and other airport pavements.These factors coupled with proven PRS smart engineering methods enable PRS to optimize any airport pavement performance at the best possible cost.

Use Neoloy Geocell stabilization solutions for airport pavements, unpaved airstrips, military airfields, runway shoulders, and stormwater management in challenging conditions.

Click here for case study about new International Airport, Mexico City


  • Modulus improvement factor from 2-5x
  • Semi-rigid slab stabilizes soils with CBR <1%
  • Resistant to permanent deformation under heavy dynamic loading
  • Significant saving, due to reduction in asphalt thickness of up to 30%
  • Eliminate expensive and time-consuming soil replacement
  • Reduce long-term maintenance, operating costs and downtime
  • Use of local infill reduces environmental impact, sustainability and carbon footprint
  • Suitable for soft, saturated soils, reclaimed wetlands
  • Increased pavement lifepsan reduces environmental footprint

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