All-Weather Roads Improve Productivity

Neoloy® Geocells provide sustainable and reliable soil stabilization solutions for logging roads to improve timber harvesting and transport.

The Challenge

Efficient access roads to and from logging sites is crucial for efficient tree harvesting. These sites are likely to be situated on soft saturated soils in environmentally sensitive forests. A sustainable, durable and all-weather solution is needed for effective  harvesting operations.

The Neoloy Solution

Neoloy Geocells are an excellent stabilization solution for all soil types, such as organic/peat typical of forests. Their 3D mechanical stabilization significantly increases soil strength and bearing capacity.

Neoloy is a truly sustainable solution suitable with a minimal environmental impact. It can utilize marginal – but locally available infill to build roads quickly and cost-efficiently. Neoloy Geocell roads can be constructed and reliably used in all-weather conditions.

Moreover, as a permanent solution, they are designed to last and can double the lifespan of a typical logging road.

Why Neoloy?

Neoloy Geocell high stiffness, resistance to permanent deformation and tensile strength, validated in testing and field studies,  make them the most durable solution for reinforcing logging roads.

Neoloy Geocells create a ‘mattress’ effect, which distributes loads laterally. This provides excellent road reinforcement for stresses caused by heavy logging vehicles. It allows them to better resist rutting than other geocells and extend the design life of the logging road.

Neoloy replaces chemical stabilizers, which have a detrimental impact on forests, which are typically environmentally sensitive regions. In addition, Neoloy Geocells utilize locally available soil for infill to reduce the import of aggregate materials, while lowering the construction and carbon footprints.

Because Neoloy extends the life-cycle of logging roads and enables operations to all weather conditions, it represents a significant cost saving for forestry and timber harvesting.

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  • 3D cellular confinement, increases subgrade strength to sustain heavy loading
  • Semi-rigid “mattress” effect distributes loads laterally
  • Longer design life than any other geocell
  • All-weather solution improves harvesting efficiency
  • Quick and simple installation reduces construction costs
  • Utilizing local infill reduces cost of importing aggregate
  • Eliminates need for chemical stabilizers, which can have adverse environmental impact
  • Reduces importing of aggregate, cuts fuel-use, pollution, carbon footprint
  • Extended life-cycle reduces use of energy and materials

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