Channel Protection

If you are looking for cost effective, long-term slope protection for channel protection and road drainage ditches in South Africa...(Read More)

railway tracks

Working Platforms Soil Stabilization

Very often weak soils require foundation soil improvement so that heavy construction machinery or drilling rigs can operate. Conve...(Read More)


Pavement Reinforcement Solutions for SA

The Neoloy Geocell was designed for flexible pavements in highway construction. The low creep and high stiffness of the Neoloy® Ge...(Read More)


Solutions for Gravel Roads & Soft Soil Roads

Neoloy Geocells are an ideal solution for dirt and gravel roads and gravel road construction for soft, problematic soils. Neoloy i...(Read More)

logging yard (sawmill canada)

Logging & Forestry Roads

Foresters need to concentrate their efforts on harvesting timber and not on haul roads. Neoloy Geocells enable all-weather, sustai...(Read More)

beam effect

Asphalt Roads Stabilization Construction with Geocells

Quality road pavements depend upon a stable base – that’s what Neoloy Geocells do. Neoloy offers more cost-effective reinfor...(Read More)


Slopes – Erosion Control

Civil engineers and landscape architects need a proven solution  to control soil erosion, stabilize slopes, enable drainage and cr...(Read More)

soil stabilization

Slope Stabilization Solutions for South Africa

Whether covered with topsoil and vegetation for natural landscapes or with granular or concrete-armored surfacing if exposed to mo...(Read More)

retaining wall

Retaining Walls Overview

PRS Neoloy® Geocell walls offer strong, durable and green earth retention walls that can be constructed with ease, speed, and flex...(Read More)


Reinforced Retaining Walls in South Africa

Neoloy Geocells provide strong, green, fast and cost-effective retaining walls for long-term reliable earth retention of unstable ...(Read More)


Unpaved Access Roads

Nearly 80% of the world’s roads are unpaved gravel roads. Many of these are over weak or saturated soils, requiring soil stabiliza...(Read More)

Roadway Construction

Roadway Construction Overview in South Africa

Designed for challenging roads, Neoloy Geocells are a new standard in road base reinforcement and ground improvement. Created fro...(Read More)


Ground Stabilization

You can’t build or expand a road, railway or embankment over soft soils without subgrade ground improvement measures to improve it...(Read More)