Neoloy® Geocells Deliver Low Creep & High Stiffness to Reinforce Pavements for Highway Construction

Neoloy Geocells were designed for reinforcing pavements in highway construction in Canada. The strength of the Geocells increases the life of the pavement.

The Neoloy Geocell was designed for flexible pavements in highway construction. The low creep and high stiffness of the Neoloy® Geocell increases the design life of asphalt pavements used in highway construction by several factors, thereby approaching that of a perpetual reinforced highway pavement. The Neoloy confinement increases for each layer, which enables a reduction in pavement thickness while decreasing highway maintenance in Canada.

At the same time highway construction costs are reduced by utilizing locally available marginal soil and/or recycled materials for structural infill – instead of importing high quality aggregate – to further reduce highway construction costs and create more sustainable highways in Canada.

This innovative geocell technology for highway construction reinforcement relies on the Neoloy novel polymeric alloy, with its unique engineering properties, such as high creep resistance, tensile strength and Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF). These extend the lifespan of highways well beyond other HDPE-based geocells, geogrids or other highway reinforcement geosynthetics.

  • Reduce pavements for highway construction costs – for infill and earthworks
  • Reduce maintenance costs – less overlays and longer rehabilitation cycles
  • Lower total costs – by extending pavement design
  • Increase subgrade CBR
  • High modulus improvement factor (MIF)
  • Reduce layer thickness – including asphalt layer
  • Reduce vertical stress
  • Decrease differential settlement
  • Allow more traffic and heavier axle loads
  • Green solution – uses local and/or recycled materials
  • Reduce environmental impact of highway construction- less hauling, placement, compaction, pollution
  • Long-term design life reduces highway maintenance cycles and their impact.

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