Neoloy Geocell Toguh Cell

Cellular Confinement System

What is a Cellular Confinement System? A 3D cellular confinement system is a honeycomb geocell structure created by the 3D interac...(Read More)

Geocell PRS Neoweb

PRS-Neoloy Geocells Comparison with Geogrids

There are numerous advantages to using Neoloy Geocells, in comparison to geogrids. Neoloy is more durable and resistant. At the sa...(Read More)


Neoloy® – Novel Polymeric Alloy for Strong & Stiff Geocells

What is Neoloy? Neoloy is a Novel Polymeric Alloy (NPA) developed to improve the strength and durability of geosynthetics’ p...(Read More)